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Modern Geometric Solid Colored Shaped Rugs

Modern Geometric Solid Colored Shaped Rugs

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  • Easy to Clean - A simple vacuum to clean this rug on a regular schedule along with spot cleaning for those spills. With our unique formula, this area rug is stain, fade, & spill resistant. Plush low pile fibers do not trap dirt & debris.
  • Style & Color - This geometric pattern area rug is offered in a variety of styles to fit any boho, farmhouse, or modern design. This area rug is offered in a vast range of colors. Choose from the wide selection for the perfect size & color for your home.
  • Durable & Pet Friendly - This area rug is perfect for Pets & high traffic areas such as a living room & Entryway. The synthetic fibers have been tested to withstand hundreds of hours of continual use.


With this rug it will fill your space, with its modern look and a make you home relaxing and clean with its clean white look. With its never felt before soft texture it is good for children, baby's, and pets. Also with the safe and non-slip material making it harder for this rug to move across hard wood floors. 

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